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A dreaded sunny day.

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Sorry it has taken me so long to post in here, it's hard to find the time. Anywho, I'm Jake. Most commonly known as the outcast of my family. What they see is only the negative, so that's all I ever hear from their mouths. If you were to ask them about me, they would have to stop and think. Then they would tell you how great I am and so on and so on. It get's them off the hook of not even knowing a damn thing about me. The only real thing they know about me is my name and birthdate. They talk about me as if I'm not even there, when I'm sitting in the same room as them. And I'm bisexual. I have a boyfreind, whom I love very much. I can't even talk about him to my family. My mom thinks bisexuality is a joke. I can't even talk about him without her getting all mad, unless I refer to him as a friend. I guess I'm learning to live with it all. I want to get out on my own, and create my own family. And give them everythiny my Mother and Father never gave to me. And for shits and giggles,

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